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HOUSTON: Selling your house in Houston may not be as easy as it seems; especially when the house is outdated and needs repair but money is tight. “Wody Buy Houses” solves all issues that prevent homeowners from selling their houses quick. Wody buy houses in any condition (Good, Bad, Ugly or Pretty), and can close within 7 days.
“Wody Buys Houses” specializes in buying “hard to sell houses” and solving tough situations. The company has successfully provided win-win solutions to home sellers for several years. Whether the house is overleveraged, or the owner is behind on payments, or experiencing difficult financial issues; “Wody Buys Houses” can buy it.
“Wody Buys Houses” is a family owned company that was a created to help people. Wody started buying vacant houses and helping homeowners stop foreclosure in his hometown in Houston, TX, It didn’t take long for “Wody Buys Houses” to become a household name. This year, the company decided to reach out to a broader audience; Wody and his associates decided to integrate the Cincinnati, OH community.
In Cincinnati and Houston, the company buys any house “AS-IS”, and homeowners do not have do any repair on the house. Therefore, selling them your houses can be easy as counting one, two, and three: First, visit the website or call the office and provide information about the property for sale. Second, Wody or his associates generally make an offer within 24 hours. Third, once the offer is accepted, the company will close with a reputable title company.

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