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Memphis – Selling your house in Houston may not be as easy as it seems; especially when the house is outdated and needs repair but money is tight. “Wody Buy Houses” solves all issues that prevent homeowners from selling their houses quick. Wody buy houses in any condition (Good, Bad, Ugly or Pretty), and can close within 7 days.


We are local real estate investors that focus on helping people by buying homes that they no longer want throughout Cypress, TX area and surrounding cities, and specialize in solving tough situations. We aim to create in win/win solutions for all parties. If you answer YES to one of the following situation, we can help you

  • Is your property value underwater?
  • Do you owe liens?
  • Are you relocating?
  • Are you behind on payments?
  • Are you over financed?
  • Has the bank refused to work with you ?
  • Did you inherit a house you do not want?
  • Do you have bad tenants?
  • Is your house vacant?
  • Are you getting divorced?
  • Has your listing expired?
  • Are you making 2 house payments?

Call us today  at  (832) 295-6455 to discuss your property and your situation to determine how our family might help resolve some of the challenges your family is facing

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Wody buys Houses- Houston

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