Medical Transportation Houston

Welcome to Wodela Medical Transport, where your assisted transportation needs are our primary concern.

Everyone requiring assisted transportation has unique mobility challenges. Our dedicated staff is committed to understanding your specific needs and providing safe and effective solutions to ensure your care and comfort.

Recognizing the growing demand for effective transportation for area seniors, Wodela Medical Transport was founded by Wody Edji, a long-time professional and entrepreneur committed to investing in our local community.

In addition to establishing exclusive relationships with staff and facilities throughout Harris and surrounding counties, Wodela Medical Transport is a dedicated community-based service and advocate for our growing senior population.

Unlike other transportation companies providing curb-to-curb service, Wodela Medical Transport proudly provides door-through-door service. Whether you require ambulatory or wheelchair assistance, our staff is prepared to accommodate your needs. From within your place of residence, Wodela Medical Transport staff will safely escort and secure you in a clean, comfortable, and modern vehicle. Upon arrival at your destination, our trained staff will escort you to check-in at your appointment.

Each wheelchair accessible vehicle in our growing fleet is ADA Approved and equipped with a side or rear-mounted hydraulic lift. To ensure your safe securement, each vehicle is furnished with state of the art securing devices capable of accommodating both manual and electric wheelchairs.

Wodela Medical Transport specializes in transportation to a wide variety of destinations to include doctor appointments, post-op appointments, physical therapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, stroke and rehabilitative services, family reunions, recreational functions, shopping, weddings, funerals, and more.

We provide local assisted transportation in and around Harris County and pre-scheduled long-distance transports.

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